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Dr Chirag Amin (MD, DGO, Dip. In Endoscopic Surgery, Kiel, Germany)

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Chirag Amin

(MD, DGO, Dip. In Endoscopic Surgery, Kiel, Germany)

Dr Chirag Amin is one of the best Obstetricians and Gynaecologist in Amin’s hospital for women. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, he holds an excellent experience of over 36 years in the field, serving patients and helping them live a better and healthy life.
Dr Chirag has completed his MBBS, and further did his Diploma as well as MD in gynaecology and Obstetrics. He specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology and is apt at handling high-risk pregnancies and laparoscopic surgeries.

He trained in endoscopic surgery when it was in its infancy in the world at that time from Kiel University. It is one of the oldest Universities in Germany, with Klinikum Der Christian Albrechts being the pioneer centre in the world for Video-Endoscopic surgery. K Semm, considered to be the father of endoscopic surgery, was the Director at the said university.
Video-endoscopy is also called minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery, where an endoscope to which a state-of-the-art Endovision camera is attached is through small 5 mm ports. This is accompanied by cold light using a fibre-optic cable and a variety of instruments.

Video-endoscopy is used to do extensive surgeries without putting a large incision on the abdomen. Most of the modern centres are switching over to endoscopic surgeries due to immense advantages like minimal incision, shortest possible stay hospitalisation (most of the centres become daycare centres), patient comfort, & earliest convalescence.
He has been doing high-frequency wide-angle transvaginal ultrasonography especially for infertility and specialises in live 4-D Volume scan using voluson E10 the most advanced scanner.
Presently working as a consultant at Amin’s Hospital for Women, Dr Chirag strives to serve his patients and is solely dedicated to them and the clinic.

  • MBBS I - Saurashtra University in November 1984
  • MBBS II - Gujarat University in July 1986
  • MBBS III - Gujarat University in June 1988
  • Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics (DGO) from Gujarat University in April 1991 (First rank with gold medal )
  • MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Diseases of NewBorn from Gujarat University in April 1992 (First rank with gold medal)
  • Diploma in Endoscopic Surgery from Klinikum Der Christian Albrechts - Kiel University( Germany) in 1996
  • Diploma in Ultrasound from Ian Donald school of Ultrasound, Croatia, Spain.
  • Foetal Anomaly Update from Athens, Greece
  • Foetal Medicine Masterclass from Moscow
  • Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician for 25 years. Consultant Endoscopic surgeon for 21 years. Having a 15-bedded private nursing home with ultra-modern operation theatre with full set up for operative video-endoscopy.
  • Honorary Endoscopic surgeon in Gynaecology department at Sheth VS General Hospital from 2000 till 2008, Gujarat. Here, Dr Chirag took undergraduate lectures, as well as trained post-graduate students in video-endoscopic surgeries.
  • Consultant Obstetrician at High-risk pregnancy unit at Sterling Hospital
  • Indian Medical Association(IMA)
  • Federation Of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India(FOGSI)
  • Ahmedabad Obstetrics &Gynaecological Society(AOGS)
  • Indian Fertility Society
  • Indian Menopausal Society
  • Indian Endoscopic Society
  • Society Of Gynaecologists & Obstetricians of Gujarat(SOGOG)
  • World Association of Perinatal Medicine
Academic Work
  • Participated in pelvic surgery programme, IVF including Oocyte retrieval, Obstetric service, surgical breast therapy & vaginosonography at Klinikum Der Christian-Albrechts-Universitat Zu Kiel (Germany), under the direction of Prof. Dr Walter Jonat.
  • Design and format editor of monthly CIDS newsletter for Clinical Infectious Disease Society of India from June 2014 till date
  • Organised & participated actively in Advanced Endoscopic Surgery Workshop held in 1995, under auspices of Advanced Fertility & Endoscopic Centre. Chief surgeon & scientific chairman was Prof, Dr M Ibrahim from Klinikum Der Christian- Albrechts-Universitat Zu Kiel (Germany). First time in the state, a number of advanced endoscopic surgeries were performed & demonstrated live to all delegates.
  • Participated as a faculty in SOGOG Conference in 1996. The Pre-Congress workshop was on Endoscopic surgery.
  • Organised & participated in National Workshop on Advanced Endoscopic Surgery in Gynaecology in 1997, & demonstrated advanced endoscopic surgeries like gynaecological cancer surgeries with international faculties like Dr Yap Lip Kee from Singapore, Dr Bhaskar Goolab from South Africa, & Dr M Ibrahim from Germany for the first time in the state.
  • Organising secretary & faculty of National Interactive Workshop on Advance Gynaec Endoscopy held in 2001 under the auspices of VS General Hospital Research Foundation. Many advanced endoscopies including total laparoscopic hysterectomy, Burch suspension for stress urinary incontinence, a posterior sling for complete prolapse etc. were demonstrated live to delegates for the first time in the state. Hands-on-training was also given to delegates.
  • Faculty & organiser in National infertility conference held in 2003 under auspices of Dr Rajju Banker foundation & chairman of Intrauterine insemination (IUI) workshop, where recent advances in Artificial Reproductive techniques like semen preparation for IUI, laboratory set up, pre-implantation diagnosis, advances in cloning etc. were discussed along with ethical issues involving Artificial Reproductive techniques.
  • Faculty in workshop on endoscopic surgery in 2003 organised by Ahmedabad Obstetrics &Gynaecological Society(AOGS).
  • Chairperson in the Sonography training workshop where the chief faculty was Prof. S. Campbell from the UK in 2003.
  • Organising secretary & faculty of Minimal Access Surgery 2003, a mega event organised under auspices of Sterling hospital. For the 1st time in India, four major surgical branches utilising endoscopic surgery extensively, namely Gynaecology, Urology, Gastroenterology & GI endoscopy were involved in a single conference. It was attended by 700 delegates which included international delegates. E8 International faculties & 40 national faculties demonstrated 55 endoscopic surgeries to the delegates through fibre optic transmission simultaneously from three operation theatres, with active interaction throughout each surgery. A number of international companies like Karl Storz, Wolf, Ethicon, Autosuture, Olympus etc. demonstrated their latest endoscopic surgery equipment.
  • Organiser for a workshop on stress urinary incontinence at the Sterling Hospital where Tension-free vaginal tape procedure was performed on a number of patients by both suprapubic & trans-obturator route
  • Organising secretary for Endoscopic surgery workshop in 2015 under auspices of International Society Of Gynaecological Endoscopists(ISGE).
  • Organiser for All India Conference (AICOG) 2017 attended by 12,000 delegates.
  • Chief coordinator of an ongoing research project on endoscopy in gynaecology under V.S. Hospital research foundation trust, a nationally acclaimed & government recognised research foundation. Here we were collecting large data on diagnostic as well as operative laparoscopy, which will give us insight on numerous aspects of advantages as well as disadvantages of doing endoscopy as against open surgeries.
  • Coordinator for Ethicon Endoscopic Suturing Training Programme using Turtle( integrated pelvic trainer). This programme is for upcoming endoscopic surgeons for their training in intracorporeal suturing.
  • Numerous Radio talks on all India Radio for mass education on various topics like genetics, infectious diseases, endoscopic surgeries etc. Television interviews for antenatal care awareness for masses.
  • Chairperson, speaker, faculty in many CME programmes & conferences for many years
Published Work
  • A rare case of true ovarian pregnancy managed by laparoscopic surgery in FOGSI journal.
  • Ultrasonographic changes occurring after instillation of extraamniotic ethacridine lactate for second-trimester abortion in National Conference of FOGSI in Jamnagar
  • Changes in tensile strength of foetal membranes in cases of premature rupture of membranes. Presented in FOGSI conference.
  • Comparative study of ovarian drilling as a new modality in the management of PCOD with conventional methods of treatment
  • Comparative study between the management of ectopic pregnancy with laparoscopy & open surgery (laparotomy)
  • Tissue extraction techniques in Endoscopic surgery. Presented in endoscopic surgery conference of Ahmedabad Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society(AOGS).
  • Paper on recent advances in the field of Urogynaecology presented in MAS 2003 conference.
  • Laparoscopic sling procedures as a new modality in cases of prolapse of genital organs
  • Comparative study of clinical efficacy of different GnRH Analogues in endometriosis
  • Laparoscopic management of ruptured ectopic pregnancy in patients presenting with shock: an overview

Dr Meena Amin (MD, DGO)

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Meena Amin


Dr Meena Amin is one of the best gynaecologists at the Amin’s Hospital for women. She has been a part of the team for 25 years with a vast experience in the field of gynaecology, which is why she is considered the go-to gynaecologist in Ahmedabad.
Dr Meena is a dedicated gynaecologist and makes every patient of hers feel comfortable and at ease.

As a gynaecologist, she has helped a million women when it comes to issues regarding their reproductive health. When she is not at the hospital, she spends the time conducting awareness programs and workshops related to menstrual health, reproductive health, explaining the problems women go through to women and men of all age groups. She has done numbers of TV and shows as an expert and was an anchor for a health awareness programme. She has taken a number of lectures in school for adolescent girls regarding gynaecology related problems.
A number of parents who were having trouble with conception owe her a great deal, as she had devised a wonderful treatment for infertility as well as done marvellous medical assisted reproductive procedures.

She particularly specialises in treating patients with High-Risk Pregnancies. She has done an extensive study on endoscopic techniques and has perfected performing laparoscopic surgeries.
She handles both the easy and complicated conditions and finds unique solutions and treatment plans for the same.
Every person who has been a patient of Dr Meena Amin has only had positive things to say about the care and treatment they received and the levels of comfort experienced.

  • MBBS
  • Diploma In Obstetrics And Gynecology In 1992
  • MD from From KM School Of Post Graduate In 1993
  • Training For Laparoscopic Surgery By Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists (IAGE) Workshop And Indian Endoscopic Surgeons Association Kochi
  • Practising at Amin’s Hospital For Women since the last 25 years